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“Strao-rieen”? As a non-resident of Zeeland, you have probably never heard of this. In Zeeland, and on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in particular, this is an actual understanding. For the village of Noordwelle it is even one of the most special highlights of the year.

Ever since 1643 this event returns annually. Every spring, young farmers and servants drove their draught horses to the beach as a tradition. After spending a whole winter in the stables, the hairy legs of the horses were being cleansed by the sea water. People believed in the healing power of the cleansing water and were also convinced that it drove away evil spirits. This traditional event is therefore still taking place every spring. Early 2018 it was marked as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

The village of Noordwelle is centrally situated on the island Schouwen-Duiveland. This pittoresk village is the perfect base for people who love spacious areas and tranquillity. Several walking trails in the immediate surroundings of Noordwelle lead you through the beautiful landscape with herds of wild Shetland ponies and Scottish Highland cattle. In Westerschouwen this area merges into the biggest forest of Zeeland: the “Domeinen”. Along the same coastal route, you can also find one of the most beautiful mountain bike routes of the country. The area of Noordwelle is perfect for long cycling trips through a landscape that you will hardly find anywhere else in the country anymore. The many country roads take you past characteristic villages and offer you safe cycling routes.

In the centre of the village you can find the “Corneliuskerk”. On the traditional “Ring” around the church you can find some historical buildings, as well as the so-called “travelje”, also known as a shoeing shed. These were used by the farriers to secure the horses whenever they had to be shoed.

On the outskirts you can find the national monuments “Zeelandia” en “Hoeve Landzicht”. Northwest of Noordwelle you will find the well-known coastal town Renesse. It has a wide offer of beach pavilions, terraces, shops and night life facilities so there is plenty to do.

The Grevelingenmeer and the Brouwersdam are located on the northside of the island and offer a wide range of water sports activities. The Grevelingenmeer is a special diving hotspot and the Brouwersdam is a popular surfing spot due to its good location.

When leaving Noordwelle on the southern side, you will reach the world-famous Delta Works and the impressive Oosterscheldekering. This storm surge barrier connects the island Schouwen-Duiveland with the island Neeltje Jans. You will find the family water park Deltapark Neeltje Jans here.

The village of Noordwelle does not have many shops or entertainment. For a more extensive offer of shops, businesses and restaurants, you will need to visit neighbouring villages and towns.

The Old-Dutch towns Zierikzee, Veere and Middelburg or the seaside towns Renesse and Domburg are also worth paying a visit.

For more information about Noordwelle and its surrounding areas, we would like to refer you to the local tourist office.

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