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Privacy statement BHVK Leisure
Whenever you use the services of BHVK Leisure BV, it is necessary to register certain personal data. It is our policy to carefully and transparently handle your personal data. Through this privacy statement, we would like to let you know for which purposes and in which ways we are handling and collecting your personal data. This privacy statement is applicable for all personal data that is processed whenever you make a booking, use our services, visit our website or contact us.
This privacy statement has been lastly modified on January 22, 2020 in Burgh-Haamstede. This version of the statement replaces all former versions of the privacy statement of BHVK Leisure BV.

Table of contents
Who are we?
Which of your personal data are we collecting and why?
When making a booking for a holiday accommodation
Contact with one of our employees
When passing on a complaint
In the context of our marketing activities
Usage of the website
Analyses for the benefit of management information
Data received from third parties
What are the principles?
Which parties are provided with your personal data?
How long do we store your personal data?
Where do we store your personal data?
What are your rights?

Who are we?
BHVK Leisure BV is committed to providing you with a pleasant holiday.
BHVK Leisure BV strives to provide services that are tailored to guests' needs and visitors of the website.

Which of your personal data are we collecting and why?
Your personal data are mainly processed to provide you with a pleasant holiday. We strive to build a sustainable relationship with visitors and guests so that we could also serve them in the future and make special offers based on personal interests or booking history. To be able to do so, BHVK Leisure BV is researching your wishes and needs. In the context of our services, selling our products or services or in cases you participate in surveys, competitions or contests, you are providing personal data. The data that you provided, like among others your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, personal (travel) preferences and interests, is being processed by BHVK Leisure BV in order to provide you with the right information concerning our available services, products, events and news. Besides, the processing of your personal data is helping us to develop new services and products.

When making a booking for a holiday accommodation
Whenever you make a booking for one of the accommodations we offer, we standardly register the data necessary to offer you the accommodation. The accommodations are offered for rental purposes by BHVK Leisure BV but are also displayed by our partners. In case you make a reservation through one of our partners, this privacy statement will also be applicable. When we have received your personal data, we will make you aware of this again despite cases where this would ask too much of our effort or the information is confidential.
Booking details
Booking details concern data about the holiday that you have booked, for example the accommodation type, date of arrival, date of departure, travelling party and preferences. To be able to complete your booking, we register this data in our reservation system.
Name and address data
We need your name and address data to register your booking in our reservation system and obliged night register, but also to be able to comply with the regulations around tourist tax declarations. Whenever we cannot send you information by e-mail, we will send it per post to the address that you have provided us with.
Phone number and e-mail address
You receive the confirmation of your booking on the e-mail address you provided us with. This, just like information concerning your stay and the surroundings that could be of your interest. In case we have certain questions short before your arrival, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.
Date of birth
Bookings can only be made by people aged 25 years or older. By providing your date of birth, we check whether you are entitled to make a booking.
Bank account number
You can complete your payment through the secured online payment environment or through a bank transfer.
A deposit will be charged for all of our accommodations. We only register your bank account number to return the deposit. We will and could never debit any fees or payments. In case you wish to complete your payment with a credit card, your data will be sent to the financial party processing these payments. We do not have insights in your credit card details, but can only see that you have completed the payment with a credit card.
My BHVK Leisure
After you have made a booking for an accommodation with us, you can activate your personal 'My BHVK Leisure' account. With this 'My BHVK Leisure' account, you get an insight in your personal data and get the option to make changes in your booking or account until three days before the date of arrival. You can control all data around your holiday and see your holiday history in your online account. In this, we register the data you have provided us with when you made the booking.

Contact with one of our employees
Our employees are ready to help you in case you have a question concerning your booking or stay. We offer you diverse contact possibilities.
Online contact
Whenever you contact us through the contact form on the website, your preamble, name, contact details and question or remark will be registered. A question through social media or the online chat will be registered along with your name, e-mail address and content of the conversation. The same applies for an e-mail you send us. Registration of your personal data is necessary to communicate with you. Moreover, it allows us to answer your questions quickly and efficiently and get easy access to your details.
Contact by phone
When contacting one of our employees by phone, a set of control questions can be asked to make sure your personal details are not provided to someone else.

When passing on a complaint
In case you have a complaint, you can pass on and submit these to our department Support. You can send a message to the e-mail address: We then register your name and the content of your complaint so that we can deal with the complaint. You need to pass on and submit complaints within two weeks after the departure date by means of written notification.

In the context of our marketing activities
After you have completed your booking through BHVK Leisure BV or subscribed for the newsletter on the website, we will use your e-mail address to send you our newsletters. Newsletters are news messages concerning our holiday homes. Whenever you subscribed for the newsletter, you give BHVK Leisure BV your permission to use your e-mail address for the newsletters and other information like special offers, competitions, contests and surveys. You can always choose to unsubscribe for the newsletters by means of the link in the newsletter.

Usage of the website
When you use our website, Google Analytics will automatically save certain information. This could be information derived from the URL you entered or left the website with, the browser and IP-address you use and the date and time you accessed the website. We use this information in the context of normal use and management of the website and are allowed to release grouped information. By grouping the information, the details will never lead back to details of a certain user. We are not interested in details that concern the identity of the website visitor. BHVK Leisure BV yet is interested in information concerning the usage of the website like the number of visitors, the peak times in terms of visits and popular pages.

Analyses for the benefit of management information
Data concerning geographical information of visitors like province and country, and demographical information like family or household composition may be used for managerial purposes and analyses. Your personal details will always be anonymous and will not lead back to certain users in this case.

Data received from third parties
Sometimes we do not receive personal data directly from the user, but through a third party. When you make a booking for one of our accommodations through one of our partners, the concerning partner will provide us with your personal data. This way, we can complete and register your booking. Also, questions or changes concerning your reservation or stay, can be passed on to us through our partners. Whenever reasonably possible, we inform you about the received data.
All information received from third parties, can be combined with the information provided by you as the user.

What are the principles?
Necessary for the execution of the agreement
When processing personal data, we strictly keep us to the principles of the general regulations for data protection. Therefore, there will always be a principle for processing personal data. Your personal details will mainly be processed when a rental agreement is drawn up. We need these details for the execution of the agreement between you and BHVK Leisure BV. Whenever you do not provide us with the required details, you cannot use our services. Processing your personal data on behalf of sending newsletters or showing targeted advertisements is only being done with the goal of direct marketing.
We process personal data during contact moments with one of our employees in order to deal with questions, complaints or remarks and to be able to provide you with a fast response. Besides, it allows us to build a sustainable relationship with you.
Legal obligations
Processing certain data is obligatory to comply with legal obligations. We are obligated by law to for example register your name, residence and date of arrival and departure in the night register.
Protection of data
BHVK Leisure makes sure personal details will optimally be protected against illegal use. Solely authorised employees have access to the data. The storage and transmission of your personal details through the internet are both secured by means of current customary technologies.

Which parties are provided with your personal data?
For all of the accommodations in our offer, we are obliged to register your name, residence and date of arrival and departure in the night register. The municipality can ask us to provide them with this information. With regard to the required tourist tax declaration, we provide the municipality with your postal code, residence, date of birth, household composition and date of arrival and departure on a yearly basis. To manage our systems and the services we deliver, we use services of third parties like IT-suppliers.
For the administration of the holiday parks Zonnedorp and Sprielderbosch, we provide the park and park administrator with personal data of all tenants on behalf of the night register at the park and in case of calamities.
In case you unexpectedly do not complete your invoice payments in time, we are forced to pass these on to a collection agency or summoner. The data that is necessary to do so, will be passed on to the concerning third parties mentioned.
In some cases, we are obliged by law to provide third parties with personal data. As an example, the tax authorities could ask for all relevant information concerning taxation.

How long do we store your personal data?
Your personal data is not stored longer than necessary for the realisation of the goals included in this privacy statement, unless obliged by law.
Data concerning your closed rental agreement
The data we collect and process in our reservation system are turned into anonymized data seven years after our relation has been ended at the latest. We assume that our relation is being ended on the moment that you do not make a new booking in the coming seven years or an agreement with BHVK Leisure BV is ended by one of both parties.
Administrative data
Our administration is stored for seven years. This means that all of your personal data and documents concerning financial transactions between you and BHVK Leisure BV will be stored for a maximum of seven years after your stay.
Sent or received correspondence is also stored for a maximum of seven years.
Data procession with your permission
Personal data that we process with your permission is stored and processed until the moment the permission is withdrawn.

Where do we store your personal data?
All personal details are stored on European property, except your name and e-mail address. Your name and address are also hosted in other countries. For a correct functioning of our CRM system, sub parties for data procession are worked with. These sub parties solely work on behalf of BHVK Leisure BV and only from the moment the technical and organisational security measures are being guaranteed. The guarantees consist of binding company regulations, approved standard regulations concerning data protection and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

What are your rights?
Right to access, rectify, limit or delete information
When your data are processed by BHVK Leisure BV, you have the right to receive an overview of the collected personal data. You also have the right to receive this information in a structured, often used and (machine) readable format. A request can be sent to the e-mail address:
Your request can also be sent in written form. Sending your request per post can be done to the following address: BHVK Leisure BV, Roterij 13, 4328 BB Burgh-Haamstede. BHVK Leisure BV will respond to your request within a month. You can also see and correct your personal data in your ‘My BHVK Leisure’. Whenever you feel that the overview states incorrect or incomplete data, concerning the reason of the registration, or the data does not belong in the database of BHVK Leisure BV, you can always ask BHVK Leisure BV to correct, delete or limit the data. Besides, you also have the right to make an objection concerning the procession of your personal data. For these requests or objections, you can use the addresses mentioned above. Whenever you ask us to change or delete data that is necessary for the execution of the agreement, a consequence could be that you can no longer use our services.
Right to withdrawal of the permission
When you have given permission for the procession of your personal data, you always have the right to withdraw your permission. We will not process the data any further any longer in this case.
In case you have a complaint concerning the way we handle and process your personal data, you can inform us by means of an e-mail message ( or written letter per post (BHVK Leisure BV, Roterij 13, 4328 BB Burgh-Haamstede). We will try our best to handle and resolve your complaint. You also have the right to send your complaint to the national regulatory authority, the Authority Personal data.

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