Scharendijke, the village that is named after a ‘schaardijk’ which is a channel that protects the land from flooding and therefore is a typical Zeeuwse village with a rich history. Due to the favourable location on the touristic island Schouwen-Duiveland, the village is being loved among nature-, beach- and sports lovers. The multifaceted village is especially well-known among watersports lovers due to the many surfing-, sailing- and diving hotspots along the Grevelingenmeer, but also has multiple other unique spots that are worth a visit.

The diverse landscape in the surroundings of Scharendijke offers lots of possibilities to enjoy the stunning nature, to hike or to discover the environment by bike. The North Sea beaches and the Brouwersdam also offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in summer. In spring, autumn and winter, Scharendijke is the perfect spot to just catch a breath of fresh air and unwind during a beach walk.

Since Scharendijke is not yet very well-known among all tourists, rest, spaciousness and unspoilt nature can be found here in a variety of forms. You can enjoy stunning views here and discover a multifaceted landscape that is rather unique in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Scharendijke has some shops among which a couple of supermarkets. Multiple diving centres are located in Scharendijke as well.

  • Sporty

    Scharendijke offers a variety of sportive activities. Both on- as off shore, you can choose to go for multiple challenging and sportive activities like hiking, cycling, surfing and diving.

  • Near lake

    Scharendijke is located near lake Grevelingen. This unique location allows you to enjoy wonderful views and the possibility to find some refreshment each moment of the day.

  • Near the beach

    The beach can be reached easily. In fact, you can even choose which beach you would like to visit. Enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves here or discover one of the multiple beach clubs.

  • Nature

    You can find a diverse lanscape with unspoilt nature in Scharendijke. Enjoy the beach, sea, lake Grevelingen and the vast lands here.

Holiday Houses in Scharendijke

Holiday home Grevelingenlaan 25

Scharendijke, Zeeland

max 8 persons
4 bedroom(s)
2 bathroom(s)
no pets allowed
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Chalet Strandloper L09, "A brand New Zealand"

Scharendijke, Zeeland

max 4 persons
2 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
no pets allowed
Details, prices & booking
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