Overview of all regions

De hoge Veluwe || Arnhem

The Municipality of Arnhem, located in the heart of the province of Gelderland, is a dynamic and diverse city. Known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant urban life, Arnhem offers a perfect blend of nature and city activities. On the edge of the beautiful Veluwe lies Buitenplaats Koningsweg, a unique location that welcomes visitors into a wooded environment.

This idyllic place is surrounded by vast forests and nature, ideal for walking and cycling enthusiasts. The numerous walking and cycling routes provide a fantastic way to explore the unspoiled beauty of the Veluwe. In addition to the natural splendor, Arnhem also offers extensive shopping opportunities and various tourist attractions, including the famous Kröller-Müller Museum and the Dutch Open Air Museum.

The glider airfield Terlet offers adventurous visitors the chance to admire the surroundings from the sky or to watch the passing gliders from the adjacent terrace. This combination of nature, recreation, and culture makes Arnhem and Buitenplaats Koningsweg an attractive destination for a versatile and relaxing stay.

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Goedereede, which literally means ‘safe haven’, is a town situated on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in Zuid-Holland. This picturesque place with a centrally located harbour and a tower (De Toren) which can be spotted from a distance, breathes history. The harbour has always played a central role in the history of this town and, due to its rich past, there are many beautiful monuments and other places of interest to visit.

The centre of Goedereede is not very large, but the narrow, little streets with old houses are characteristic and idyllic. One of the best known and most photogenic streets is Pieterstraat where the cosy atmosphere and history of the town all come together. Furthermore, there are many nice terraces and restaurants on the central square where you can eat and drink while staying here.

Besides the scenic centre, Goedereede has a beautiful nature reserve in the dunes, called ‘de Kwade Hoek’. Here you will find three walking trails, set out by Natuurmonumenten. Get your walking shoes and take a breath of fresh air while walking through the lovely dunes and woods.

Would you rather have a day of sunbathing, canoeing, or swimming? On the little beach at ‘de Kwade Hoek’ you can enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. The vast beaches and the cosy village centre of bubbly Ouddorp are a short ride away with the bike or the car. Here you can find the bustle whenever you want!

In Goedereede you will enjoy a lovely holiday near the coast!

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Located directly near lake Grevelingen, the largest saltwater lake of Western Europe, you will find the town Brouwershaven. This friendly town is one of the seventeen places in Zeeland that have a townscape with a protected status. You can still find beautiful historical buildings like the church ‘Grote- or Sint Nicolaaskerk’, the monumental town hall and the traditional harbour in the old centre. The traditional city walls and canal have also been preserved.

Salty air, sandbanks, a variety of bird species and wild horses and deer. The Grevelingen merges the best of fresh and salt water. You can enjoy stunning views over the varied landscape here. You can even spot flamingos in this unique piece of nature as these tropical birds settle here between January and April of each year. Next to nature lovers, lake Grevelingen is also loved among watersports lovers and divers.

Just outside Brouwershaven, you can find Den Osse which is a popular holiday destination with multiple holiday parks and a harbour. In summer, you can book an excursion for a little cruise over lake Grevelingen. Besides, you can also go sailing on a historic sailboat. The Brouwersdam separates lake Grevelingen from the North Sea on the western side. The area around the dam is especially popular among watersports lovers as the area is perfectly suited for windsurfing or kiting.

On the southern side of the Brouwersdam, Schouwen-Duiveland has a diverse landscape with wide beaches, woods and vast lands. You can make the most beautiful hiking or cycling trips here. Naturally, you can also choose to enjoy yourself during a lovely beach day.

The centre of Brouwershaven has two supermarkets, a butcher and a couple of atmospheric restaurants. Whenever you are looking for some more shops, you can always visit one of the neighbouring cities and villages. In fact, Renesse and Zierikzee are both worth a visit!

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The mussel is the symbol of the village of Bruinisse in Zeeland, better known as ‘’Bru’’ among the Zeeuwen. The big mussel on the harbour platform as well as the many coloured fishing boats in the harbour, are proof of this.

The village, located in the very eastern corner of the municipality Schouwen-Duiveland, is situated alongside the Grevelingenmeer (Lake Grevelingen) and the Krammer, a small salt water lake created after the construction of the Grevelingendam and the Philipsdam. Both the Grevelingendam and the Philipsdam are a part of the world-famous Delta Works. The marina of Bruinisse is one of the pearls of the Dutch boating industry.

Salty air, sandbanks, land- and coastal birds, but also wild horses and deer can be found in the surroundings. On the Grevelingen, the best of fresh and salt water merges. Lake Grevelingen, the natural border between Zeeland and South-Holland, is very popular among divers. On the westside, the lake is separated from the North Sea by the Brouwersdam, which is part of the Delta Works as well. The area around the dam is very popular among active and sporty people and is perfectly suited for water sports like windsurfing and kiting.

The surroundings of Bruinisse are perfectly suited for long cycling tours through a diverse landscape with a variety of nice villages. Furthermore, Bruinisse offers activities like the professional golf course and the bowling centre. Two museums in the village are fully dedicated to these tasty mussels. The marina is the showpiece of the village. You will also find the “Watersnoodmuseum” (flood disaster museum) in the neighbouring village Ouwerkerk. Bruinisse has a large supermarket, a pharmacy, a bakery, a bike rental shop and various restaurants.

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Burgh-Haamstede is located on the westside of the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in Zeeland. The area is also known as ‘de Kop van Schouwen’ of which Burgh-Haamstede is the central heart.

The North sea coast is characterized by vast and wide beaches and a very diverse dune landscape with beautiful flora and fauna. Multiple hiking routes like ‘de Zeepeduinen’, lead you through the stunning landscape where you might even see Shetland ponies and Highland cattle walking around freely. This beautiful area also borders to ‘de Domeinen’, the largest woody area of Zeeland. Here you can make beautiful hikes or mountain bike tours. The surroundings of Burgh-Haamstede are also perfectly suited for long cycling tours through a diverse landscape and along characteristic villages.

Burgh-Haamstede is located nearby the worldfamous Deltaworks and the impressive Oosterscheldekering (storm surge barrier) which are definitely worth a visit. The family waterpark Neeltje Jans is also nice for a family trip. Active people will love the northern part of the island where you can find a variety of water sports activities.

Furthermore, you can find multiple cultural sights in and around Burgh-Haamstede like the castle ‘Slot Haamstede’ that originates from the thirteenth century and the Westerlichttoren which is a lighthouse. The Plompe Toren can also be found just outside the village center, which is the last remaining part of the former village Koudekerke that was part of Schouwen-Duiveland before the multiple floods. Moreover, the centre has a supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, bike rental and diversity of restaurants. Seen enough? The neighbouring towns Zierikzee, Veere, Middelburg, Renesse and Domburg are worth a visit!

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The village Holten is located in the province Overijssel and can be found right at the border of the regions Twente, Salland and the province Gelderland. Naturally, the hotspot of the surroundings is the mountain called Holterberg, situated in the middle of the stunning nature of the National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug. Both hikers and cyclists will love this area with woody areas and heathlands. You can find a diversity of different hiking- and cycling routes here as well. Also, the area offers a lot for adventurers. A network of mountainbike routes is present and the surroundings are perfectly suited for cycle racing or making a wonderful balloon flight.

Those who like to experience a multifaceted landscape, will love Salland. The beautiful flood plains and unique river the Ijssel have a large diversity of flora, fauna and nature areas. Between the hills of the National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug, you will be stunned with a wonderful scenery that has its own character in every season.

There is plenty to do for the whole family in and around Holten. The village has a nice centre, which is especially vivid in summer season. A variety of museums like the doll museum and the toy museum can be found in the neighbourhood. Preferring an adventurous trip with the family? Visit the family adventure park Hellendoorn.

In the village itself, you can find two supermarkets, a pharmacy, bakery, bike rental shop and a wide offer of shops, restaurants and terraces. The neighbouring Rijssen and the Hanseatic cities Zwolle and Deventer are also worth a visit.

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Kamperland is a village located on the western side of the island Noord-Beveland in Zeeland. Kamperland is situated near the lake called “Veerse meer’’ which makes this spot loved among tourists. Some holiday homes in Kortgene even have their own pier in the backyard. After the construction of the famous Deltawerken, the water of the lake turned into still water. The location is very popular for doing a variety of watersports like kiting, windsurfing, swimming or sailing. Due to the shallow shores and the calm water, your children can also play here in a relatively safe way.

You can find a cycling route of about 65 kilometres long that will take you all the way around the lake. You get to discover the diverse landscape of Zeeland and visit multiple picturesque villages when following this route. Hikers and peace seekers will also love the surroundings of the lake. You will find beautiful nature areas and vast lands here. In summer, you can also take a shorter route by crossing the lake by ferry. You can either choose the ferry from Kamperland to Veere or the one from Kortgene to Wolphaartsdijk.

Kamperland also has a modern harbour and a beach along the lake. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday here, away from the mass. The village also has some other sights you can visit like the church “the Ark”. Moreover, the centre has a supermarket, bakery and multiple great restaurants. Looking for a lovely trip for your family? Go lasergaming, take the escape room challenges Marina Kamperland offers you or visit the Deltawerken and the waterpark Neeltje Jans. Whenever you like some more vivacity, you can visit the beach at the Banjaard or one of the cities Goes, Middelburg and Zierikzee that can be found in the neighbourhood.

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Nieuw-Haamstede is a true holiday village and belongs, just as the neighbouring Burgh-Haamstede, to the ‘Kop van Schouwen’ located on the westside of the island Schouwen-Duiveland in Zeeland. Nieuw-Haamstede is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers, peace seekers and active people.

From the village, you can reach the vast beaches along the North sea cost in no time. Via one of the five paths that take your right through a beautiful and divers dune landscape, you can see the sea coming closer soon. Here you get to enjoy not only stunning views, but also lovely weather and fresh salty air. Besides, you will also find a lighthouse with one of the largest heights in the Netherlands: the ‘Westerlichttoren’.

Multiple hiking routes through areas like the ‘Meeuwenduinen’, will guide you through the wonderful landscape of Zeeland. During your hike- or cycling tour, you could even spot some wild Shetland ponies and Highland cattle here. The area borders to the largest woods of Zeeland: the ‘Domeinen’. This also is a beautiful area to hike, cycle or go mountainbiking.

You can find a small supermarket in Nieuw- Haamstede that is open during summer season. Also, some nice restaurants are present. The village has its own small glider airfield where you can book an introduction flight if you’re interested. Rather leave town? The surroundings of Nieuw-Haamstede are perfectly suited for long cycling trips through characteristic villages. The world famous Deltaworks and the family waterpark Neeltje Jans that are located nearby are definitely worth a visit as well.

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Ouddorp is located on the northern side of the island Goeree-Overflakkee, which is the sourthernmost part of the province Zuid-Holland. The coastal town is situated in a unique landscape spread over more than four kilometres of land. You will find wide, clean beaches and beautiful tranquil dune areas here. The vast lands and nature areas make the area perfectly suited for cyclists and hikers. You can enjoy optimal peace and unspoilt nature here for hours.

The dune area ‘De Westduinen’ is perfectly suited for lovely hikes. Nature area ‘De Hompelvoet’ is a true paradise for nature lovers and can be found on the southern side of Ouddorp. Here, you will find a variety of bird species and unique flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Ouddorp has multiple hotspots, among which the famous building ‘Het Blaeuwe Huus’, a work of Rien Poortvliet that can be found on many post cards. Besides ‘Het Blaeuwe Huus’, historical buildings like the dune farms de Ridderstee and de Vissershoek are located in the surroundings. Also, the lighthouse ‘Westhoofd’ cannot be missed due to its height and situation in the dunes. The old fishing port of Ouddorp currently in a lovely marina.

The direct surroundings offer a variety of amusement as well. Visit the Haringvliet Expo, the Rien Poortvliet museum, the seal shelter A Seal in Stellendam or the RTM trammuseum where an old tram service is still operating. Furthermore, Ouddorp borders to lake Grevelingen and the Brouwersdam where you can find a subtropical swimming pool, a variety of beach clubs and the vivid centre of water sports.

Ouddorp has a large supermarket, a pharmacy, bakery, bike rental and a large offer of shops, restaurants, terraces and clubs. Also, going for a day of shopping in the modern metropolis Rotterdam is also a possibility!

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The village Ouwerkerk is located on the southern side of the island Schouwen-Duiveland and situated near the Oosterschelde. The Oosterschelde is the largest national park of the Netherlands, a world of tides, wind and especially lots of water. There is plenty to do in, on and near the water. Except mussels and oysters, you can also spot some seals and porpoises during a nice little cruise.

The southern side of Schouwen-Duiveland is also known as the ‘birdboulevard’ of Zeeland. Thousands, sometimes even ten thousands of different birds of varied species can be spotted in the brackish swamp here. A beautiful nature area for bird spotters. Unwind and catch a breath of fresh air while hiking or cycling along the Oosterschelde and through the creek area and enjoying stunning views over the vast lands and water.

The inland of Schouwen-Duiveland is also perfect for long cycling tours through a unique and varied landscape that cannot be found anywhere else in the Netherlands. The quiet country lanes guide you through characteristic villages and offer you a variety of safe cycling routes.

Lovers of the woods and beach will also love the area. Except the vast North Sea coast with wide sandy beaches, you can also find the largest woods of Zeeland, called ‘de Domeinen’ here. Those looking for adventure can enjoy one of the most beautiful mountain bike routes of our country here.

The village Ouwerkerk does not have much shops or amusement. Yet, the well-known flood museum ‘Watersnoodmuseum’ is located here. Whenever you are looking for some more shops and facilities, you can always visit the neighbouring villages and cities like the monumental city Zierikzee. A relatively small city like this yet has a lot of monumental sights like the ‘Sint-Lievensmonstertoren’ and the ‘Noord- en Zuidhavenpoort’ to offer, which are definitely worth a visit.

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Renesse is one of the eldest coastal towns of Zeeland. The village is located on the northern side of the island Schouwen-Duiveland. Due to the ideal location, this spot is still gaining popularity. Broad sandbanks with sunbathing seals can be found right in front of the coast here. The vast North Sea coast is perhaps the most beautiful near Renesse and the Verklikkerduinen, where the sandy beach is almost 20 kilometers long and hundreds of meters wide. The dune area here is characterised by beautiful and colourful flora and fauna. Multiple hiking-, cycling- and mountainbike routes in the direct surroundings of Renesse will guide you through the beautiful landschape. You might even come across some herds of Shetland ponies or Highland cattle here.

The village and its direct surroundings offer a wide range of amusement for both the young and the elderly. You will find a large amount of cosy beach clubs, terraces, shops and clubs here. Also, a large supermarket, pharmacy, bakery and bike rental shop can be found in the centre. Well-known hotspots in Renesse are the gothic church named the Jacobuskerk, the castle Slot Moermond and the corresponding nature area. Furthermore, you will find the Transferium on one of the edges of the villages. Here, you can park for free and use free shuttle services to the beach, the centre and the campsites.

Lake Grevelingen and the Brouwersdam are situated on the northern side of Renesse. This spot is perfectly suited for sportive activities like kiting, diving and surfing. South of Renesse, you will find the famous Deltaworks and the family waterpark Neeltje Jans. The cities Zierikzee, Veere and Middelburg are also worth a visit.

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Scharendijke, the village that is named after a ‘schaardijk’ which is a channel that protects the land from flooding and therefore is a typical Zeeuwse village with a rich history. Due to the favourable location on the touristic island Schouwen-Duiveland, the village is being loved among nature-, beach- and sports lovers. The multifaceted village is especially well-known among watersports lovers due to the many surfing-, sailing- and diving hotspots along the Grevelingenmeer, but also has multiple other unique spots that are worth a visit.

The diverse landscape in the surroundings of Scharendijke offers lots of possibilities to enjoy the stunning nature, to hike or to discover the environment by bike. The North Sea beaches and the Brouwersdam also offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in summer. In spring, autumn and winter, Scharendijke is the perfect spot to just catch a breath of fresh air and unwind during a beach walk.

Since Scharendijke is not yet very well-known among all tourists, rest, spaciousness and unspoilt nature can be found here in a variety of forms. You can enjoy stunning views here and discover a multifaceted landscape that is rather unique in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Scharendijke has some shops among which a couple of supermarkets. Multiple diving centres are located in Scharendijke as well.

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The village Schuddebeurs is located directly near the monumuntal city Zierikzee. The woods present here make a wonderful nature area with a large diversity of flora and fauna. Due to this, Schuddebeurs is a lovely holiday destination for peace seekers and nature lovers. Surrounded by old oaktrees, fragrant hawthorns, bird species, deer and reptiles, you can find a couple of historical country houses like the monumental buildings and lands ‘Mon Plaisir’ and ‘Weelzicht’.

A pond with reed covered shores named the ‘Kakkersweel’ is breeding ground for many unique bird species. A hike through this beautiful area will make you feel relaxed and calm. Furthermore, you can find lake Grevelingen just 15 kilometers away. Salty air, sandbanks, different bird species and wild horses and cows. The Grevelingen merges the beauty of salt and freshwater perfectly. The lake is also loved among divers.

Moreover, Schouwen-Duiveland is known as a cycling island. You can make beautiful long cycling trips through one of the most varied landscapes of the Netherlands here. Lovers of the beach and sea can also enjoy themselves on the island. The North Sea coast is never far away.

Are you a real lover of culture? The historical centre of the neighbouring Zierikzee has a lot of preserved monuments like the tower ‘Sint-Lievensmonstertoren’ or ‘Dikke Toren’, the city hall, the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ and remainders of the old city walls. Except discovering culture, you can also enjoy the culinary side of the city or choose to go shopping in one of the numerous boutiques.

Schuddebeurs has no shops or other facilities, yet you can easily visit the neighbouring Zierikzee or Renesse where you will find multiple supermarkets, shops, restaurants and terraces. A visit to the picturesque villages on the island is also definitely worth it.

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Westenschouwen, not to be confused with the neighbouring forestry Westerschouwen, is located on the Kop van Schouwen. The quiet village has changed into a lovely holiday destination for the whole family over the years.

The village is situated directly on the border of the forestry with the largest forest of Zeeland ‘De Domeinen’. Next to multiple hiking routes that cross herds of Shetland ponies and Highland cattle, you can also unwind on a tour together with your horse or choose one of the active cycling- or mountainbike routes.

The beautiful landscape is multifaceted. The woody areas and large lakes border to a vast dune area. This diverse dune landscape is characterized by beautiful flora and fauna. You can hear the waves crashing on shore in the whole area as the beach directly borders to the woods and dunes.

A well-known hotspot of Westenschouwen is the tower called the Plompe Toren. On top, Westenschouwen is nearly one kilometre situated from the famous Deltaworks with the impressive flood barrier the Oosterscheldekering. You can actually see both from the beaches near Westenschouwen. Next to the island Neeltje Jans, you can also find the corresponding family waterpark here.

Westenschouwen has a couple of nice restaurants and a small supermarket that is open in summer. In addition, there is an adventurous climbing park for both younger and elderly people. The neighbouring village Burgh-Haamstede, the cities Zierikzee, Veere, Middelburg or the coastal towns Renesse and Domburg are also worth a visit.

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Ouddorp, Brouwersdam

The almost 6 kilometre long Brouwersdam is located in the provinces of both South-Holland as Zeeland and was being constructed between 1962 and 1971. On the 30th of March 1973, the main road on the dam named the N57 was put into occupation for the first time. The Brouwersdam splits the North Sea from lake Grevelingen, the largest salt water lake of Western-Europe.

Due to the unique location, the hotspot Brouwersdam is very popular among tourists and water sports lovers these days. The Northern side of the dam is used by lots of kiters, blow carters and fliers practitioners. The vast beach continues for lots of kilometres which makes it ideal for long hikes and lovely beach days. The famous concert ‘Concert at Sea’ is also being organized on this location.

The side facing lake Grevelingen is being occupied by lots of wind surfers and sailors. Moreover, a diversity of small beaches can be found here, where you can go capture some crabs, attend a surf clinic or visit the harbour of Marina Port Zélande. This beautiful and modern harbour can be found halfway at de Brouwersdam.

Does this sound interesting? Our apartments are located on the side of lake Grevelingen and offer views over both the lake and the Brouwersdam. Feel free to take a look at our luxurious apartments on this location and come enjoy the ultimate (watersports) holiday near the beach, sea and lake!

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Veluwe || Putten - Garderen

Not even a one hour drive from the busy Randstad, located on one of the most beautiful spots of the Veluwe, you can find the village Putten. Here, you will find ancient woods, exceptional flora and fauna and an oasis of tranquility and rest. Morover, you also find the hustle and bustle of the village center nearby.

The wooded surroundings, heatherland and vast meadows make the village loved among peace seekers, nature lovers and active people. The environment is very suited for long hikes or cycling trips due to the extensive network of hiking and cycling routes. The tranquility in the middle of the woods of the Veluwe, makes the place ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

The centre of Putten has a small amount of shops and supermarkets. The weekly market is a nice returning event. Looking for some more vivacy? The centre of the neighbouring village Nijkerk and the cities Amersfoort and Harderwijk are definitely worth a visit.

Also, for a holiday with children, the environment of Putten offers you enough activities. You can go climbing in the woods of Garderen, visit the subtropical in- and outdoor pool Bosbad Putten or plan a daytrip to one of the themeparks in the neigbourhood like ‘Het Dolfinarium’, funpark ‘Julianatoren’ or monkey town ‘de Apenheul’.

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