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Did you know that the present church tower of Kortgene was completely flooded for 150 years? Kortgene is the only town within the municipality of Noord-Beveland that was given city rights. In the 16th century, the town was completely engulfed during major flooding. Late in the 17th century, the town was governed by land reclamation. Only then, it became clear that the church tower was the only building that survived the many years of being flooded. Therefore, the 15th century church tower now is the oldest monument on the island.

Kortgene is situated next to the "Veerse Meer" (Lake Veerse). This former estuary was completely constrained after the construction of the Delta Works. The brackish water is now stagnant as a result of this. The lake is perfectly suited for all sorts of water sports activities. It is also relatively safe to let your children play here due to the shallow shores and the calm water.

The lake is surrounded by a cycling trail of 65 kilometres long. In the summer months, small foot ferries sail between Kamperland and Veere, and Kortgene and Wolphaartsdijk, making this route shorter and easily accessible.

For hikers, the area around the Veerse Meer is quite an experience as well. Vast nature areas are alternated with cultural sights in the surrounding villages.

The island and municipality of Noord-Beveland, is the second smallest island of the province of Zeeland. Until the construction of the dams in 1960, the island was rather isolated and could only be reached by ferry. It is one of the least populated areas of the Netherlands and therefore very suitable for those who prefer peace and quietness.

The islands of Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren with well-known cities like Goes, Middelburg and Veere are located on the southern side of Kortgene. The island of Schouwen-Duiveland, where you can find Zierikzee and the largest forest and dune region of Zeeland: the ‘’Domeinen’’, is located just at the northern side of Noord-Beveland. This area also has one of the most beautiful mountain bike trails of the country.

Kortgene’s oldest monument, the tower of the “Nicolaas church” is worth paying a visit. The same goes for windmill “De Korenbloem”, which, after almost 40 years without wings, is now back in business since 2011.

Kortgene also has a large and modern marina located directly at the Veerse Meer and a small beach where you can enjoy yourself without stumbling upon the many tourists that visit Zeeland during the summer. If you are in for a bit more excitement or you are searching for a vast beach on the North Sea coast, then you should definitely visit Banjaardstrand (Banjaard beach) which is one of the most popular beaches with a view over the impressive Oosterscheldekering. This storm surge barrier connects Noord-Beveland with the island of Neeltje Jans, where you can visit the the well-known family water park ‘’Deltapark Neeltje Jans’’.

Kortgene has a supermarket, a bakery, a bike rental shop, and various restaurants.

The Old-Dutch towns Zierikzee, Veere en Middelburg, and the seaside resorts Renesse and Domburg are also worth paying a visit.

For more information about Kortgene and its surrounding areas we would like to refer you to the local tourist office.

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